In this sermon, we parallele Jonah's journey with our own internal dynamics, as understood in the IFS framework of Exiles, Managers, and Firefighters. We explore how these parts - our hidden pains (Exiles), protective instincts (Managers), and reactive behaviors (Firefighters) - influence our responses to life's challenges and calls to change. The sermon invites a deeper self-awareness, recognizing how understanding these aspects can guide us toward spiritual growth and alignment. Jonah's initial resistance to God’s command mirrors our Exiles, the parts that carry our deepest fears and pains. The city of Nineveh’s initial state reflects the role of Managers in us, attempting to maintain order and protect against change. Jonah’s eventual obedience and Nineveh's transformation symbolize the Firefighters, parts that take drastic actions in response to crisis but can also lead to healing and growth when guided rightly.. This journey of internal exploration is presented as a path to healing and transformative spiritual insight and inner healing.

Scripture: Jonah 3:1-5, 10

9:00 am Service