A Better Story - Pedigrees and degrees - we love to tell stories that increase our reputation.  We love to make connections that increase the size of our network.  We love to persuade so that we have more influence.  Instead, the Apostle Paul implores us towards another idea - “All that I have is nothing; knowing Jesus Christ is everything.”  It’s time we tell a better story - not one about the past.  Instead, we tell a story about a better tomorrow. Our past, with its achievements and regrets, often shapes our identity. Paul's journey from being a zealous Pharisee to a passionate follower of Christ shows us the liberation in letting go. This sermon encourages us to shed the labels and accolades that confine our true self. By releasing the past, we embark on a transformative journey towards discovering our authentic identity in the Divine, pushing forward with resilience and hope, ever closer to the prize of true spiritual enlightenment. Scripture: Philippians 3:4b-14


9:00 am service :  https://youtu.be/EnTRcr9-oi0