The Outward Heart - In a world that often focuses on divisions, Paul’s words remind us of the sacredness of unity. While differences exist, there's a deeper call to recognize the Divine in each person. Our world encourages us to be self-focused.  It’s not quite as nefarious as being selfish.  Rather it's more insidious - because it takes something good (the self that God created and loves) and makes “me” the obsessed focus of life.  Instead, Christ empties himself, humbles himself, and chooses not to hold onto everything that rightfully can be claimed.  Christ doesn’t grasp, but instead opens the self, is vulnerable, authentic, and above all, other-focused.  This sermon emphasizes the importance of building communities rooted in empathy and understanding. By embracing each other's unique stories and experiences, we not only foster unity but also embody the humble, servant-hearted love of Christ. Discover the profound impact of coming together in compassion and the transformative power it brings.

Scripture: Philippians 2:1-13

9:00 am service