No More Scarcity

A resurrected life means not giving power to the idol of scarcity.  We are living in the kingdom.  We are living in the reality of resurrection, abundance, and generosity.  We don’t have to grasp our possessions.  We don’t have to hold back in our relationships.  We don’t have be closed off to the world.  Instead, we live in the incredible vulnerability of being alive to openness, generosity, gratitude, community, and real connection.  When this happens, all of our needs (the full Maslow Hierarchy) is met, fulfilled, and complete.  We become whole (and holy). God is touchable.  God is incarnate.  God is here.  This changes everything... no more darkness, no more deception, no more living life as a functional atheist.  A touchable God brings a tangible life - one of experience.  One of the senses, one of joy in the midst.