High School Music Scholarship Program
Earn Money for Your Future

The Grace Music Program has a mission to ignite a passion for music within our youth community while providing valuable opportunities for growth and development. We believe that music has the power to enrich lives, foster creativity, and build connections. Through our program, students can explore their musical talents, participate in meaningful performances, and earn scholarships towards their future endeavors. Our vision is to create a supportive and inspiring environment where students can thrive as musicians and individuals. 

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Scholarship Expectations

Practice Schedule: Our rehearsals take place every Wednesday evening at Grace Presbyterian Church, starting promptly at 7:00 PM. Each rehearsal lasts for an hour and provides an opportunity for members to come together, learn new music, and refine their vocal skills in a supportive environment.

Performance Commitment: As members of the Grace Church Choir, we are committed to sharing our music with the congregation every Sunday at the 10:30 AM service. Our performances add depth and inspiration to the worship experience, uplifting hearts and spirits through the gift of song.

Attendance Expectation: To ensure the success of our choir and the quality of our performances, we kindly ask students to attend at least 8 Sunday services and 8 rehearsals throughout the semester. This commitment allows us to grow as a choir and create memorable musical experiences together.

Grace Choir
Who Are We?

The Grace Church Choir's vision is to fill every seat in our choir loft with a diverse tapestry of voices representing our multigenerational community. We envision a choir where individuals from all walks of life, backgrounds, and ages come together in harmony to celebrate the richness of music.

Our choir embraces a vibrant repertoire that spans across genres, from contemporary secular show tunes to timeless classic hymns and everything in between. We believe in the power of music to unite hearts and souls, transcending boundaries and fostering connections.

Joining the Grace Church Choir means becoming part of an intergenerational community where joy and harmony abound. Whether you're a seasoned singer or just discovering your voice, our choir family has a place for you. Together, we create music that uplifts spirits, inspires souls, and enriches lives. Join us on this musical journey as we harmonize our voices and hearts in praise and celebration.

Celebration Band
Join the Band!

You may also fill some of your required practice and performances with the Celebration Band. The celebration band performs contemporary Christian music, secular inspirational music, and traditional hymns in new ways at the weekly 9am Sunday Service. We are always looking for singers and musicians to join the band. We rotate musicians weekly. Practices take place on Saturdays between 9am and 12pm. Contact Sheila@gracecolorado.com for more information about joining the band.