The Heart of a Mother

If you are planning to become a mother, are currently raising small children, or are a seasoned mom - this group is for you. All phases of motherhood. We are encouraging you to invite mothers you know, who are not involved with our church as well. This group is open to everyone. We will consist of an online presence on Facebook as well as through text message and email. We will receive bi-weekly notes of encouragement, prayer, and devotions. We will meet every 6-8 weeks at local venues for dinner, a show, arts and crafts, or other fun mom only outings. The goal of this group will be to form smaller more localized groups of moms of 4-6 who connect with one another on a more intimate and structured level. I am also encouraging our seasoned mothers to get in on this group - we need mentors for our moms going through infertility, the toddler years, pre-teen, teen, and beyond. We all have something to offer each other, even if it is a shoulder to cry on.  We will also be partnering with our Family Ministry team to create some parents night out events. 

Start by joining our Facebook group below or Text MOMS to (720) 740-8647 and you will be added to our texting group (Don't worry, no group texting - just one way texts with event reminders) or simply email Sheila Chester, our Moms Group Leader. 

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Peace Circle

Fellowship of women gathering for a light lunch and a short bible study.  Come and enjoy a wonderful lunch, interesting conversation, and beautiful women.  Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 12:00 pm at Grace.  


If interested please contact Sharon Long at: (303) 791-6626


Like to sew? Like to make things?  The Crafters sew Christmas Stockings for the Cross Covenenant Community Services, make centerpieces for the Meals on Wheels program, preemie gowns for Denver Health and do all kinds of other crafts!  

The group meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 12:00 and work and chat for a few hours on whatever project they are currently doing.  All are welcome!

If interested please contact Nan Windle at:

Photos by Kate Schwindt Photography