The Last

The Last - Have you ever been picked last? Most of us have experienced that at least once. Some of us all the time. When the landowner hires laborers, the landowner picks the best of the best. Throughout the day, the labor is seen as too much and the goal is to finish the work. So the "worst" are finally chosen last. Yet, the landowner chooses to pay each one, the prized and the rejected until the end, the same wage. Jesus is creating a world of equality, equity, and justice. Those who labor from the beginning get the same as those who labor at the end. Those who are used to getting more, get the same. Those who are generally the first and the best are treated the same as those who are usually picked last, if picked at all. We often are the grumbling laborers thinking we deserve more since we worked the hardest (at least that is our thinking for why we are in the material situations we are in). Instead, God is generous, giving us all the same reward. The last and first will all be the same. Based on Scripture: Matthew 20:1-16