Realizing Resurrection - Bringing Easter to Life

 For Me - Jesus Is a stranger and he is hungry, thirsty, naked, and sick. Jesus says, "just as you did it for one of these, you did it to me." Jesus is a Nazarene, a Galilean, and a compromised, impure bastard (remember the whole controversy surrounding his mother's virginity). He and his family literally make their living off of serving the Romans - they were carpenters or stone masons building up the stone fortifications for the fortresses of the Romans. And Jesus is a stranger - a refugee (or is it fugitive?) and immigrant - whose family fled from Herod to Egypt and is now in Nazareth. Jesus is about to be deserted by his closest followers as they betray him, deny him, and flee from any association with him. The only ones left will be those who are already rejected from the powers and privileges of society - women. Compassion and grace are to be shown to any in need, any who are hurting. That compassion is not motivated by a false motive - reputation or reward. Instead, it is intrinsic - you are hurting, so I helped you. When Jesus sees this kind of action and motivation, he says to that person, "It was for me." Based on Scripture: Matthew 25:34-40