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We have a Parent and youth vounteering oppurtunity coming up on March 2nd. We are going to HearBeat Denver to serve dinner to the men living there. We are meeting at Grace at 4:00pm and will be taking the bus to HeartBeat Denver. Sign up by emailing Jessica at We only need two or three parent & youth pairs/triples so sign up now to save your spot. 

HeartBeat Denver

Heartbeat Denver Working Men’s Shelter, formerly known as New Genesis, operates as a men's homeless shelter in the basement of Central Presbyterian Church. Established in 1986, it has provided a continuous refuge for 38 years.

The shelter operates on a unique principle where residents pay $15 a day or $105 a week in advance for accommodation in a safe, clean, and sober environment. This fee includes a bed with bedding, a locker, two bins for personal belongings, and one hot meal per day. Staffed by Peer Support Specialists who have overcome similar challenges, the shelter runs 24/7 with 100 beds and 10 overflow cots.

Over the past year, the shelter has accommodated over 600 individuals from various backgrounds, including those experiencing homelessness, seeking sobriety, or transitioning from incarceration. Approximately 30% of residents come directly from jail, often with minimal possessions. Heartbeat Denver serves as a preferred location for the justice system to refer released individuals. While some residents seek assistance to rebuild their lives, others view it as a temporary stop.

For those seeking help, the shelter offers programs in life skills, resume writing, interviewing, and eventually, securing housing. In the past year, they successfully placed 72 men into appropriate housing and aim to double this number. Additionally, the shelter has accommodated over 70 migrants, providing translation services and aiding them in finding housing and employment. Many migrants demonstrate sobriety and a strong work ethic, with some pooling resources to secure shared accommodation.

While the shelter strives to assist all residents, funding remains a challenge. The fees collected cover only 70% of operational costs, with the remainder reliant on grants and donations from corporations and individuals. Collaboration with other organizations also plays a vital role in providing essential resources such as food and clothing. The shelter provides not only basic necessities but also recreational activities, such as access to books and a large TV, fostering a sense of community among residents.

Heartbeat Denver Working Men’s Shelter stands as a testament to the power of community and compassion in assisting those in need.