We now offer several ways to listen to and/or download our Sunday Worship Services.  Just click on any of the links below to listen to Sunday sermons.  You can subscribe to our audio file feed through iTunes or listen through our website.  You may also download the .mp3.

To listen to the sermons on .mp3 –this will allow you to browse all the published episodes and listen directly online without having to download anything.  You will see a listing of them when you click on the link

48x48-Circle-69-RSSTo listen and/or subscribe to RSS–Click on this link to connect directly to subscribe to an RSS feed or to subscribe using a podcast reader like iTunes

To listen and/or subscribe via iTunes — you can connect directly with this link to your page on iTunes by clicking on “view in itunes” of the episode you wish to hear from the list of published episodes.

What is podcasting?
Podcasting is a technology that provides users a way to download and manage frequently updated sound files, such as a weekly sermon from our church.  Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and iTunes both provide simple ways for your computer to be informed automatically when new podcasts are available for download.  iTunes enables anyone to quickly and easily find and subscribe to their favorite Podcasts so that every time there’s a new episode, it’s automatically downloaded to their Mac® or PC and Auto-Synced to their iPod.  RSS (Really SimpleSyndication) is a format for delivering directly to you regularly changing webcontent that you want without cluttering your inbox with e-mail messages.  This content is called a “feed.”  RSS you may be familiar with as it is also frequently used on news websites or blogs to inform users of news headlines for articles they maybe interested in.
How do I “subscribe” to these podcasts?
If you use iTunes software (on your PC or Mac computer) then click on the desired iTunes subscription link above.  iTunes will be automatically started and your subscription will be registered.  Then each time you bring up iTunes, you will be able to directly update these podcasts within iTunes.  If you don’t use iTunes, you can subscribe by going directly to the iTunes.  It’s a free subscriptionSubscribing to RSS can be done, if you don’t use iTunes, through the “RSS” links above. This can be done through your web browser or a third party RSS reader.  If you use Internet Explorer version 7 (IE7), Safari, or Firefox as your web browser, then RSS reader capability is built in to the browser and there are a variety of RSS readers available on the web;  some are free to download and others are available for purchase.  When you click on the RSS subscribe links, you will get a list of currently available audio sermons.  If you use IE6 or below, the easiest and most secure way for you to get an RSS reader is to upgrade to IE7 from Microsoft and other sources by typing “upgrade to IE7” in your search window.

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