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Grace Church participates in the vital caregiving program called The Stephen Ministry.  The Stephen Ministry is led by members of the congregation who have received extensive training in caregiving and related topics, and are commissioned after completing 50+ hours of class and additional study time.  Grace’s Stephen Ministry is a one-to-one, weekly visitation ministry for the members and friends of the congregation who need this level of care.  As a result of this ministry, members are strengthened in their faith, as the Stephen Ministers share God’s love with them in this manner.

Stephen Ministers are not professional counselors, social workers, or experts in law or doctrine.  They are caring Christians who offer help to others in times of need, such as those who are bereaved, depressed or lonely; who are recovering from illness; in divorce or in the midst of other crises.  For more information, please contact Sue and Terry Carnahan at 303-798-8485 or

New Stephen Minister training classes will be starting soon!