It is the calling of God for the Deacons to minister to those in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who are in distress.  Grace is known throughout the community as a caring church.  One of the Deacon programs of caregiving is called the Helping Hands Groups.  The Helping Hands Groups was established as a way of showing care for members and friends of Grace by providing assistance and support in times of need.

Deacons work with volunteers to provide meals, transportation, encouragement, and other forms of care to the Grace family.  Each Deacon is assigned a Helping Hands Group and these groups cover all church families.  The Board of Deacons works on a “team ministry concept” covering special needs, such as a Sunshine team that sends many cards of love and concern to those needing our prayers and comfort in their lives;  a Tool Box Team that is available to assist anyone in need of minor repairs;  the Youth Ministry team that sends out care packages to our college students;  a Prayer Shawl deacon who works with a committee of dedicated volunteer knitters and crocheters to provide shawls of comfort for those in need; as well as several other special needs teams.

The Deacons added two new ministries and are now responsible on a monthly basis to provide snacks for coffee hour and to seek Sunday morning greeters from the congregation to welcome and greet those attending the Sunday service of worship.

Pastoral support for the Deacons is provided by the Senior Pastor.