The Grace CARE Team, part of the Care Ministries of Grace consists of leaders of the various other care ministries such as Deacons, Stephen Ministers, Prayer, and Homebound communion and visitation.

The team meets every other Monday, as needed, or at least twice monthly.  Information is updated weekly, keeping track of the progress of members who are in need of care, who have been ill, had surgery, been hospitalized, lost loved ones, lost jobs or are serving our country overseas in some capacity.

Decisions are made about providing phone calls, visits, prayer, prayer shawls, cards, food or other types of help that may be needed.  This information is transmitted by the members of this team who are leaders of the other care ministries such as the Deacons and Stephen Ministers to their respective ministry to provide assistance and care.

Members of the CARE team provide prayer shawls to those members in need of special prayers, along with the prayer shawl, and make suggestions as to other help or attention that is needed for families or individuals.  Pastoral support for the CARE team is provided by the Senior Pastor.