We are all stewards of God’s grace and gifts. That is, we have a responsibility to use our talents and blessings in a way that glorifies the Lord. Below are answers to some common questions on Stewardship. If you have additional questions, please contact me at Jessica@gracecolorado.com.

1 Peter 4:10

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.

Q: How does giving to Grace glorify God?

A: Generous stewardship is a confirmation of our values. It is a recognition that God is the source of all that we have, are, and will be. In practical terms, a financially-strong Grace Church can touch more lives. Our Children’s education programs and Pine Ridge mission trip are two wonderful examples of bringing Christ’s love to our world and are made possible by you!

Q: What is the difference between the Capital Campaign and Stewardship?

A: The Capital Campaign is a 3-year giving commitment to support mortgage payments on our land and building. The timing and terms of these campaigns are stipulated in our loan agreement with the Denver Presbytery. The monthly payment is approximately $9000.

The Stewardship Campaign is an annual giving commitment to support the day-to-day needs of the Church. This includes staff salaries, mission, children and youth programs, and building operating costs such as heating and power.

Q: Do I need to do both Capital and Stewardship pledges?

A: We do encourage all members to contribute to both the Capital and Stewardship campaigns as both are key to serving our mission of bringing the living Christ to the world. In October, you will receive a Giving with Grace kit that will include 2 different pledge cards. Both giving contributions will begin in January 2018.

Typically, one can approach the Stewardship campaign as a portion of your household income. The word “tithe” has biblical roots and refers to 10% of your income, though that is only a guideline and you need to prayerfully consider what is best for you.

The Capital Campaign is a contribution above and beyond the regular Stewardship giving. Some donors approach this gift by looking at other sources such as stocks, bonds, or household assets that can be sold for value. The three-year span allows for market conditions to maximize value and for donors to give larger gifts over time.

Q: Can I give online?

A: Yes! You can use your bank’s online Bill Pay feature to schedule recurring or one-time payments. You will need to enter “Grace Presbyterian Church” and the address: 9720 U.S. Hwy 85 N Highlands Ranch, CO 80125.

Q: Can I give stocks?

A: Yes! Grace Church has a Scotttrade.com account that you can transfer shares to. We immediately sell the shares so the funds can be put to use for mission and operating costs. Contact the office at 303-798-8485 for more information.

Q: If donations are undesignated, where do they go?

A: If contributions are made without an envelope or specific note on the check, they are placed in our Operating funds. Only contributions labeled “Capital Campaign” or “CC” are put toward our mortgage payments.

Q: What is Legacy giving?

A: A legacy is any gift (monetary or asset) left in a person’s Will. Grace Church does not have a specific Legacy giving program, but we are happy to work with you if this is something you choose to do as part of your financial planning.

Q: How else can I give to Grace?

A: True stewardship is a commitment of time, talent, and treasures for the good of Christ’s church. God has blessed us all with diverse gifts and strengths. Returning a portion of those blessings is not just about financial contributions, but also volunteering and being present in our worship and ministry. Our Children’s Ministry needs teachers! We need deacons and greeters! There are opportunities for all–prayerfully consider how best you can give back to Grace.