The Session has adopted an inclement weather policy.  For church activities Monday-Saturday, our policy will be to follow Douglas County Schools.  If Douglas County determines to cancel school or after school activities due to severe weather, the church will also cancel church activities that day.
Regarding Sunday worship  the property elder, worship elder, and senior pastor will review the weather for Sunday morning and decide if there needs to be any change in the worship service schedule.
If the decision is made to change or cancel worship service, please watch on television channel 9 (NBC):  for “Grace Presbyterian in Highlands Ranch” in the ribbon at the bottom of the screen.
Also, an email will be sent to the congregation by 7:00am on Sunday morning. To add your email address, please email the front desk at, if you are not already on the congregational email list in order to receive a notification on Sunday morning of the status of church services due to inclement weather.  An email goes out by 7:30am.