Grace Presbyterian Church is called to cultivate a spiritually vibrant community of grace. We seek to be a Christ-centered, intergenerational, open-minded community that participates fully in Christ's mission of grace.


Our logo design is inspired by Celtic tradition and symbolic elements from the modern PC(USA) denominational logo. The aesthetic is both ancient and future. The logo symbolizes both the universality and particularity of the Christian faith. The number 4 represents the Word of God reaching out to the whole earth, the missional emphasis of the Gospel. The Tree of Life with 4 leaves radiating from the center represents a community planted in the Word, growing with new life. If you look closely, you can see fish and seeds hidden in the leaves. The fish (Ichthus) represent our ministry of compassion, healing, and justice, the seeds represent the spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, and generosity. There is a chalice in the center, symbolizing the Word and Sacraments of our Lord, and a labyrinth representing our spiritual journey. The logo is held in balance by the Cross representing our confession that salvation is through Jesus Christ, in whom all things hold together.

Behind the Mission Statement

We are a multigenerational church.  We are not and do not desire to be a mega-church that is primarily mono-generational, mono-cultural, and focused on the ascent of the first half of life.  Our desire is to bring all the generations together as a family of faith and to honor the forces, events, and spiritual formation processes that shape each generation.

Faith and journey
Faith is a journey toward God.  This journey is full of twists, turns, mountaintop experiences, and descents into darkness.  Faith grows and develops over time.  As Richard Rohr insightfully and honestly once said, “Every seven years you outgrow your old ideas about God.”  The Spirit always teaches and renews us over time.  The eight stages of faith development, as outlined by Dr. Bill Plotkin in “Nature and the Human Soul,” are important to us.

“Awaken” is a non-church word for “called”.  God has called us to a grand adventure of faith through Christ; however, this sense of call sometimes loses its meaning in church language.  Jesus himself said surprisingly little about calling but spoke at length about “seeing” correctly and awakening to the kingdom of God.  (See Jesus’ answer to why he spoke in parables; the disciples asleep in the Garden of Gethsemane; the example of Jesus asleep in the boat during the storm, and the metaphor of awakening the sleeping Christ within.)

The context of ministry has evolved significantly, and traditional church models and programs are increasingly less effective and in some cases, irrelevant.  Our culture is changing dramatically, and one of the great changes is discretionary time.   Active lifestyles, two-income families, and commuting leave less time for “church” which can be just another activity in a long list of things to do.  Serving on a traditional committee many times can be more draining than life-giving.  “Enliven” is a fantastic way to look at the ministry of the church as ways that bring people alive rather than drain them of energy.

For example, the old model for ministry is to plan an event, try and find leadership for the event, and ask people to attend.  This is the “attractional” model we all grew up with in church, and it is an increasingly ineffective model for ministry in reaching new generations.  What if we were to go to people and ask, “What can Grace Church do to help you follow Christ in your life?  Where do you struggle?  Where do you need help?”  Listening to people where they are would enliven and revitalize our congregation.

Joyfully encounter
An encounter with Christ is an encounter with joy.  “I have said these things to you so that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be complete.” (John 15:11)  Too much of popular western protestant Christianity is preoccupied with things that end up stealing our joy rather than increasing it.  We focus on outward behavior, on power over others, and worry (which for Jesus is the opposite of faith).  At Grace Church, we want to allow the freedom of the Holy Spirit to come and increase our joy, knowing well that as our faith matures, the soul grows by subtraction and not addition.

The Living Christ in the World
We believe the resurrection means Christ is alive and goes before us in the world.  As we go out into the world, we go to meet the Christ who is already there, and we begin to recognize His presence (see the Great Commission in Matthew 28:20 and the road to Emmaus in Luke 24:13ff).

Congregational Covenant

We are called to Grace Presbyterian Church at this time and place, to receive and share in the reign of God initiated in Jesus as God’s new covenant community of faith.

Caring:  Understanding the forces that shape each generation, we promise to love God and neighbor through building encouraging, caring relationships, inviting those in our community and around the world to share in the love of God in Christ and be a part of God’s family, the Church.

Healing:  Knowing all we have is from God, we gratefully and generously dedicate our resources of time, talent, and treasure to God’s glory through Grace Presbyterian Church, that Christ may be formed in us and that God might bless the world through us by extending Christ’s ministry of healing and reconciliation into the world.

Connecting:  Following Christ as Lord and Savior, we promise to connect with God through weekly worship and scripture study, to connect with others regularly in small groups, to pray for one another, and practice open communication in love.

Acknowledging that as the Father has sent the Son and the Son has sent us into the world in the power of the Spirit, we commit ourselves to live as the called and sent people of God.  To God be the glory!

Grace History & Beliefs

In 1958 the Session and Pastor of the First United Presbyterian Church of Littleton set the foundation for Grace Church by requesting the Presbytery of Denver and the Board of National Missions to establish a new congregation in this area.  Worshipers were convened for the first time on May 15, 1960, with 111 charter members.  Land was acquired, and in November 1961, phase one was completed and ground was broken on the original site.  In 1973-74, a two-story building was constructed housing a new sanctuary on the upper level and educational space on the lower level.  In 2005, the church voted to relocate and build a new church that would allow the congregation to better serve Christ and the community.  The doors to the new church opened on Easter Sunday 2012 at 9720 US Hwy 85, N in Highlands Ranch!


Grace is a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA), Rocky Mountain Synod, and the Denver Presbytery.  The Presbyterian Church (USA) has approximately 2.5 million members, 11,200 congregations and 21,000 ordained ministers. Please visit the PCUSA website for more information.

Discover Grace

If you are interested in joining Grace, please call the office at 303-798-8485 or fill out THIS FORM and we will reach out to you.  Classes are started regularly.